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HILARIOUS: See What Nigerians Are Saying Concerning President Buhari’s Return, You Won’t Believe What They Are Saying


While it might seem hilarious, the truthfulness of President Buhari’s return is still highly contested by some Nigerians. Why is this so? Below is a Facebook post from one of the doubters:

Hilarious! Nigerians spin CRAZY conspiracy about Buhari's return, jets , clothes

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Hilarious! Nigerians spin CRAZY conspiracy about Buhari’s return, jets , clothes

Below are some of the comments:

“They said he’s back and he got in around 4am… Something funny is about to unfold. This was the reason they actually closed Abuja airport, not forgetting how yar ‘dua came back and power automatically went out in the airport, now this one has arrived like a thief in the middle of the night.

“What happens if he comes during the day and Nigerians turn out in their large numbers to welcome him??? Hmmm a saga is brewing.”

Another comment said:

“Na wahoo oga boss I Wanda oo I saw one he (buhari) was wearing white, I saw another he was wearing brown… Hmm na for niga went we will tell ourselves truth.”

Another Facebook user says:

“I wonder…pls ask them. These muslims should keep praying for Buhari instead. I wish he can talk to his people on a live TV or something.”

There were those who however believed that he was back and they made it known in their comments. Here are some of them:

“Whether you like it or not The Messiah is back. Am so happy dt God is not human being. No one forces him to do anything. You and ur ĺikes should go and hug transformers.”

Meanwhile, wild celebration has broken out in Borno. Some residents in Gwange, New GRA, Damboa went into wild celebration following the news of his return.

The President is held in very high esteem in the state following the return of peace to the area which was largely under the control of Boko Haram insurgents before his assumption of office in May 2015.

Watch a video of Nigerians celebrating Buhari’s return:

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