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GOODNEWS FOR MMM PARTICIPANTS: Another Good will Message Drops As MMM Gives Nigerians Hope


To all MMM participants and to whom it may concern:

It has come to our notice that the broadcast message recieved On 13th December 2016 in our P.O has been gravely and widely misunderstood, hence the unwarranted and serious panic across your country.

website maintenance and social media management

Pls we wish to send an explanation of the aforementioned context!

All confirmed mavros is suspended for a month, that means you cannot withdraw money from your wallet, after your mavro turns green, untill after a month (30 days).

During this period, you can still PH! You won’t have to pay to anyone! Remember that withdrawal has been suspended, so your PH amount will continue to inevitably grow during the 30 days period!

New participants can still register and PH without having to pay out! They can still log onto their personal office and track their account activities!

Take note that on no account has MMM activities been suspended! Accounts has not been frozen! Withrawal has been Frozen! And will be unfrozen! Same way as ice is sure to melt!

MMM is still working as ever before, nothing has changed! but you can only GH 30 days after your mavro has been confirmed and turns green! This is to checkmate activities of unscrupulous elements who withdraw before time! This has caused us such problems that this is the only measure we have deemed fit to undo the already done!

Interestingly, it is on our site that “every Nigerian will join the mmm community”, and so far only close to 3M have actively joined!

Moreover, even if all citizens join, MMM cannot shut down, because the system will continue to be sustained by the PH you render! Once PH and GH continue to exist amongst already existing members, then we wouldn’t really require new participants to keep our system alive! We can do it ourselves!

We have put up this measure to enable us serve you better! Without which participants would instinctively withdraw money from their wallet this period being a festive period as we all know. This is the only way to prevent such a sad outcome!

We have a war to win against the Government of Nigeria, who only talks but cannot afford to better it’s citizens life by as low as 3% per month! But in the past one year, we have done so by more than 30% monthly!! We have a war to win! And we cannot win by shutting down!

Pls remember that in the real context, new measures implemented in any system is usually met with mixed feelings and different reactions and views, if this concept is understood, we solemnly urge you all to remain calm and keep PH and GH

We are here to better the lives of Nigerians, not to soil it more with pains and penury! Explain this to your downliners and remember “we will definitely Unfreeze withdrawal”!
Pls Rebroadcast untill it gets to everyone in Nigeria!

website maintenance and social media management


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