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Game Of Thrones Season Seven Episode Six Leaked, See Where To Download It


HBO has struggled with leaks over the years, more recently when they suffered a security breach by hackers about two weeks ago, after which episode four of this season was leaked. The hackers reportedly obtained 1.5 terabytes of stolen data from the company’s US servers. This latest leak, however, is not related to the security issues. It appears that HBO leaked this episode themselves by accident.

Episode six of season seven, which was due to be aired this coming Sunday, appeared first on file-sharing sites and a Reddit post four days early. It was accidentally aired by HBO to subscribers in Spanish and Nordic territories for an hour before it was removed. But that hour was all the time needed for the leaked episode to be ripped and shared. It was then posted on Reddit via Youtube, Instagram, Twitch and other streaming services, before swiftly being taken down. It was also uploaded on torrent sites with the file name ‘Game_of_Thrones_-_S07E06.flv’. It is real and in high definition. You can also download it here>>>

website maintenance and social media management

website maintenance and social media management


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