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FINALLY! Acting President Osinbajo Reacts To President Buhari’s Plan To Islamise Nigeria, Reveals 1 Shocking Secret


Professor Yemi Osinbajo has reacted to accusation that President Muhammadu Buhari plans to Islamise Nigeria saying it was totally untrue.

In a video shared by the vice president, he said there has been accusation especially from the opposition party during the campaign period that Buhari was out to Islamise the country.

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Osinbajo quoted Buhari as saying that the accusation that he was pursuing an islamisation agenda was uncharitable

He quoted Buhari as saying: “The most uncharitable accusation that anyone can make again me; serving in the Nigerian army, we fought side by side, Christians and Muslims, in every part of Nigeria. We saw our destiny as one. On the battlefield, we put our lives on the line for each other

The person who influenced by military career the most positively was a Christian.”

Watch video HERE

President Buhari : “The person that influenced my military career the most is a Christian” – Ag. President Yemi Osinbajo recalls today.

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