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FG Finalizes Plans To Launch An Offensive Against Killer Fulani Herdsmen Nationwide

fulani herdman

The “operation Accord”, through which it intends to move against the herdsmen operation will cover the whole country but more emphasis will be on states which have been under attack by herdsmen.

The Director Defence information, Brigadier General Abubakar Rabe in an exclusive interview with BusinessDay in Abuja disclosed the military plans to launch an offensive against the herdsmen through “operation Accord”.

The constant clashes between the herdsmen and farmers in most parts of Nigeria has not only remained a major issue in Nigeria but has taken a dangerous dimension which threatens not just security but even the economy.

Apart from the thousands that have been killed and many more dislodged from their homes, the activities of the herdsmen is now feared could lead to significant reduction in agricultural output and threatens government’s plan to attain food sufficiency.

The Buhari-led government till recently did not appear willing to initiate any forceful action against them, rather requesting for pieces of land from states in order to provide the rampaging herdsmen with permanent grazing ground.

But speaking to BusinessDay in an exclusive interview, Rabe said, “operation Accord is coming up very soon and is an operation that has to do with herdsmen and farmers clash.

“Once it becomes operational, honestly speaking the issue of herdsmen and farmers clash will be a thing of the past,” he reassured during the chat.

“The Operation will be all over the country but with emphasis on the prone states where you these clashes frequently happen.

“All these operations are simultaneously aimed at building confidence in citizens and ensuring they remain free from any threat being posed by kidnappers, militants and what not.”

Rabe disclosed that for the military operations in the Nigeria Delta, the Armed Forces is waiting for the outcome of the ongoing negotiations between the federal government and the militants so as to know the next line of action to take.

“The armed forces is equally mindful of the negotiation which our political master have initiated. It is only when it fails then the next line of action could be taken. We are hundred percent mindful of the rule of law and our rules of engagement,” he stated.

“Our silence is not in any way a sign of weakness. Nigerian armed forces have every capability to curl any uprising in any part of this country.”

Rabe said all the military operations in various parts of the country will come to an end ones it achieves its set goal which is restoring total peace to the country.

“Well it all depends. Definitely there must be a deadline but a deadline can only be a deadline when you achieve what you want to achieve and achieve your set objectives.

“We are doing everything to ensure that our operations ends very quickly and the need for us to either wind it up or prolong the operation all depends on the situation on ground and security analysis but definitely, nothing is permanent. We must surely, one day fold it up having realised its set objective.”


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