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FASHION or MADNESS? See What A Full Grown Woman Wore For An Event (Full Pictures)


A lot of things have gone wrong in the society; everyone feel they have the right to do whatever they feel like doing.

It is devastating that the older generation we ought to turn to in moments of confusion have gone ahead of the youths. They seem to be worse off than the upcoming generation because they detest the thought of being out of fashion and becoming irrelevant in the society.

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Our culture seems to get eroded with the heightened fashion sense; fashion to the younger generation is most likely to be the exposure of cleavages and thighs. Our girls will rather parade the streets naked in order to top the charts of fashion in the society.

Seeing girls who bare their skin and strut about half naked will make you question their purpose in life. Sometimes, people make excuses for them and assume they do the things they do due to their ages or peer influence.

But when a full grown woman is seen in public with clothes that leave less to be imagined, then it is a shame. It is embarrassing seeing women expose themselves like this when they go about clamouring for justice when they get molested or raped by men.

This woman stepped out for an event in a dress made of net. Would you classify this as fashion or madness? If women could become insensitive to their positions and what they stand for in the lives of children who see them as role models, then there is a big problem.

Preaching about moral decadence to the youths will not work if we keep seeing women who dress indecently like this. With this kind of appearance from a woman, don’t you think the future is nothing but a mirage?

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