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EXPOSED! See Photos Of Top APC Politicians Sharing Nigeria Money, See More Photos

Borno Commissioner For Justice

According to multiple social media sources,Commissioner for justice in Borno State Hon Kaka Shehu Lawan,was allegedly caught sharing money to people in the name of politics.Angela said wrote…

‘The Audacious Looter and the Goons
Good Product Indeed
This is Commisioner For Justice Borno State sharing the money among his criminal minded members.
And how do you expect our politicians to stop stealing our collective Commonwealth, when our judiciary is the ATM?

website maintenance and social media management

Now you see why Borno State is peculiar.

Now you see why some few will not want what’s happening in Borno State to end.
Oh poor masses suffers the consequences of the rich, Criminal minded politicians and Public office holders in Nigeria’.

website maintenance and social media management


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