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EXPOSED: Buhari is not in control of his government, appointments

buhari-thinkingPresident Buhari

When President Buhari came into power last year, he gave a list to the SGD and Alhaji Maikano (admin officer of the villa).

That list contained names of some selected members of the Buhari Support Organisation and the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign office.

Buhari ordered that those in the list should be appointed as presidential special assistants and advisers. But they changed their names and put names of so many northern Muslims.

These new special assistants were recruited under some conditions.

1. They must share a certain percentage of their salary and allowance to SGF and Maikano.

2. They must not make any effort to see the president (so that Buhari will not wonder why strange faces are working as his special assistants). Buhari has never had a meeting or spoken physically to his special assistants ever since he got into power.

There were some boys who were working as Buhari’s bodyguards during the election. These boys were wearing suits like DSS yet they were not wearing bullet-proof vests or carrying guns.

And after Buhari won, he ordered Maikano to send their names to DSS and immigration for employment. But Maikano sent different names of his Kano brothers to DSS and immigration instead. Those boys have been abandoned. One of those boys has already committed suicide because of frustration.

These are some of the names from BSO and APC campaign office – that was supposed to be made presidential special assistants:

1.Dr Ibrahim (national coordinator of BSO. He was alleged to have mismanaged campaign funds but Dr Ibrahim insists that he is innocent).

2. M.B. Shehu

3. Lauretta Onochie

4. Ada Kate Uchegbu

5. Other Yoruba journalists that worked in the campaign office.


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