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Drivers, here are great tips that would help you save fuel


With the cost of fuel at its highest rate yet, it is pertinent to know the best tricks that will help you save on fuel.

Not only would these tips show you how to prevent your car from using too much fuel, they will also help you save money in an economy where this should be everyone’s goal.

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You might be surprised to find that with a few changes here and there, you will not only enjoy a more economical use of your petrol, you will also keep your car in a good condition for a very long time.

These tips are ones anybody can make use of. They are simple rules for anyone to follow and with a combination of all the tricks, you might end up significantly saving a lot on how much you spend on fuel.

The video below will give you the most useful tips.

From the video, the main points for saving fuel are:

1. Reduce speed.

2. Check tire pressure

3. Fill fuel tank smartly

4. Accelerate in moderation

5. Use stock tire

6. Use gears wisely

7. Park under shades

8. Clean your car

9. Maintain your engine

website maintenance and social media management


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