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CONFUSION: Femi Adesina Is My Guider In MMM – Participant Claims


The special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on media and publicity, Femi Adesina, has come under social media attack for denying reports circulating in the media that he endorsed popular Ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mondial Movement (MMM).

Femi Adesina, has dismissed reports that he has endorsed popular Ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mondial Movement (MMM).

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The presidential aide who made the denial on Twitter on Tuesday, January 10, described the reports linking him with MMM as false.

Adesina said the false report was the work of impostors and identity thieves.

A statement endorsing MMM is being credited to me on digital media. It is false. Please ignore it. Impostors and identity thieves at work.

But soon after Adesina made the statement, some Twitter users seized the opportunity to take swipe at the presidential aide over the economic and security situation in the country.

One commentator even claimed that Femi Adesina was his guider in MMM.

See reactions below:

Ivana: “He’s really good at calling people names, isn’t he? “Impostors and identity thieves” @DoubleEph @FemAdesina.”

Alugbue Justice :@FemAdesina imagine d swiftness to which u reacted to dis, if u had reacted 2d carnage in S/K lives wud’ve bin saved. Misplaced priority.”

Innunknoww: “@FemAdesina the person who did that was stupid.. you of all Liars. The guy just crashed his 419 by adding you to it. You of all idiots???

Ogoh ediri: “@FemAdesina @BashirAhmaad imagine d rubbish tins u know how to react to immediately, n u keep mute on important issues.”

Quadri Lateef Deyemi: @FemAdesina I wonder ur quick response 2 MMM allegation while u closed ur eyes on other sensitive issues dt needed ur attention. Nawa o!”

Biade Fola: “@FemAdesina @NGRPresident only if you can remain silent until after Jan 14.”

David Olorogun: “@FemAdesina @NGRPresident who would want to credit u with MMM endorsement?.. Looking for empathy from Nigerians. Oga go sleep.”

Iyanda Okin Esq: @FemAdesina well, may be because endorsing MMM and endorsing PMB are almost the same!

Don Christopher: @FemAdesina @NGRPresident Puppet like you. You talk before you reason. @alugbue_justice You are a True Child of ur Father. Blessed u Bro.

Oluboba ezekiel: “@FemAdesina @APCNigeria haba oga Femi, but, you’re my guider in MMM.”

Isah Gamba: “@FemAdesina @APCNigeria MMM has helped with liquidity in our banking system. We have witnessed banks technically freezin during Christmas”

Dominic Williams: “@FemAdesina who you endorsement epp? Abeg we don’t need your endorsement to do anything.You have no single influence on any Nigerian.”

Recall that MMM has been in the news since the Ponzi scheme froze accounts of participants for on December 12, 2016, with a promise to return on January 14, 2017.

Ahead of its anticipated resumption, MMM, announced some of its comeback plan which includes, the introduced of Bitcoin as part of its payment mode.

What is is view on the issue, did Femi Adesina do anything to deserve this treatment?

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