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Check out ways you can make money without MMM


As the news of the sudden crash of MMM sends shock waves across the country with Nigerians losing money, surviving in this economy at the chockhold of recession seems to have gotten harder.

Some Nigerians were also saved from social vices as they concentrated on making money through the scheme since it offered a staggering amount of money as interest within a short time-frame.

website maintenance and social media management

Ever since the scheme got suspended, a lot of things have been going through the minds of the affected participants. Although the concerned persons or group of persons have to an extent contributed to the dilemma they are in now, it would be unfair for them to be left to wallow in their own mystery.

On that note, we would bring to your attention legit ways of making money. Some of these methods may not yield as much returns as MMM would within a short time, but you can be assured that you would make more money and not have to live under duress.

This means that there are other ways of making it in life other than relying on ponzi schemes such as MMM and many others. As glorious as the prizes may be, Nigerians should learn to focus on businesses that are reliable and strong.

We are after all taught to rely on the works of our hands in this part of the world. Money laboured for is more assuring than that won from bet. Check out some of the things you can do to make money:

1. Wise investment

Some people are simply born into wealth; they do not need to do much as everything they require in life has been given unto them.

All they need to do is make some researches and find out the best way thing they can do to manage their inheritance.

Some businesses yield profits that are bigger than the returns you would ever get from MMM and other shady schemes.

The reassurance that comes from doing something genuine also makes you earn some respect in the society once you are recognised as a business tycoon who turns natural resources into vast wealth.

2. Daily contribution

And for those who do not have large amounts of money in their names because fingers are not equal, there are little businesses they can get involved in.

Although it may be a small start, consistency will help you soar beyond limits. Market women engage in daily contribution and form a thrift society that way.

As little as these contributions may be, they help the women a great deal as they realise a huge sum of money at the end of it all. Cooperative society also helps a great deal as the funds pulled together settle a lot of problems.

They use it in offering help to those who need it. The profit at the end of the exercise is used to buy products that will be shared between the participants.

3. Saving

Tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean. Children should be encouraged to save as much as they can.

You never can tell what amount of money will be realised from saving up parts of lunch and dinner money.

While the sum of money realised may not be much, it will definitely be enough to start a business or invest in a profitable venture.

Buy the locally made ‘kolo’ for your children and encourage them to save for the rainy days. And if you are working already, you can have a fixed deposit account opened in the bank for this purpose.

Watch the video below to see ways you can make fast money:

website maintenance and social media management


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