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Buhari under fire for ‘stealing’ Jonathan’s achievement (Photos)

`buhari and jona

President Muhammadu Buhari has come under fire from some Nigerians for allegedly taking the glory for the proposed commissioning of the Abuja-Kaduna high speed railway which is to commence operation in July, 2016.

The 186.5km standard gauge track was built by the China Railway Construction Corporation with double lines over a period of three years at the cost of $850m and the route has nine stations and the train can travel at up to 150km per hour.
The Abuja-Kaduna high speed railway will begin full commercial operations once it is inaugurated by President Buhari in July.

The official test-run of the transport system took place on June 17 and would begin full commercial operations after it is inaugurated by President Buhari.

However, some Nigerians who are supporters of former president Goodluck Jonathan have accused President Buhari of taking glory for a project that was commenced and almost completed by the previous administration in 2014.

Buhari under fire for stealing Jonathan’s manifesto.

Former president, Goodluck Jonathan commissioning the Abuja-Kaduna rail back in 2014.

Buhari under fire for stealing Jonathan’s manifesto.

Former president, Goodluck Jonathan sitting in a coach the Abuja-Kaduna rail back in 2014.

The GEJ supporters have accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration of using lies and propaganda to attribute the completion of the project to President Buhari.

See some reactions derived from Facebook over the project:

Lordswill Umani: “May God bless GEJ who started this project and ended in a reasonable stage and may God bless Buhari for ensuring the completiong of this project. One thing i can always tell my brothers on SM is that, propagandist will never survive credibility. Let us give honour to whom it is due. GEJ performed more better than Buhari but Buhari is trying. Corruption is not Nigeria’s problem because all humans are corrupt. Let us learn to respect credibility over self acclaim crwww.”

Ogoriba Philip Kuroyefa: “GEJ is the best President Nigeria has ever had.. A man that built 14 universities within 5years constructed the highest number of road ever in the history of Nigeria… I can’t even start counting.”

Ejikeme Destiny: “OK. I agree that GEJ did not complete it. now let this administration start one project and complete it. Not the project of buying bike for the army or feeding pupils in primary school but tangible project then we will know how serious they are in governance.”

Lawal A Dangi: “Thank God not all Nigerians are as fool as the writer, just imagine completed in 2014 but no one ever take a ride on it, what a lie, what a scam and what a propaganda?”

Etym Isangedighi: “For those who are busy challenging the achievement of GEJ . whom would you attribute your educational success to.? Your father or your school? Yourself or your teacher? Government is a continuum. The problem with APC zombies and PMB is that they don’t want to recognize the contributions of others to the development of the country’s progress. That’s their undoing.”

Chris Godwin: “GEJ , when we started having stable economy the bad eggs in Nigeria leadership that GEJ was to get all the credit for improving the of life of Nigerians , the cabal connived against him. Bcos they want other citizens to eat well bcos their psychological poverty mentality.”

Monday Aika: “The only credit to buhari is him not cancelling it like he did to other project in the name of probing, because the agreement for the completion of that project was already meant by the Jonathan administration that project was supposed to be commissioned before the general elections.”

Edith Agha: “Let us tell ourselves the truth. During the time of corruption, things was going on well, money that the corruption stole was circulating, and businesses was going on well, no company folded up, there were vacancies every were and food was affordable, despite the embezzlement everybody was happy. This is my reasons of being against buhari who is the apc president,; this man has no human heart. His heart is darken how can Fulani herd men attacking people and buhari have not address the issue for once. I hate his devilish heart. To my surprise, he prefers to protect oil than human being. See how he took action on Niger delta avengers. Mr President step down amicably like the formal President. You don’t have what it takes to rule human being, go ahead and continue to rule cow with your people.”

Chijindu C Omah: “I advise APC to stop hurrying over someone’s achievements. They hurried to open refineries near to completion of rehabilitation and it quenched fews after, Amaechi sai this rail will be ready by May, now see us in June. Let this one be certified okay before ooo. After all, no kobo from una enter dia.”

What is your take on the issue, do you think President Buhari deserves credit for the commissioning of the Abuja-Kaduna High Speed Railway  project?


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