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Buhari Is Truly Alive, See list Of Prominent Nigerians That Has Visited Him So Far In London


President Muhammadu Buhari is currently in the United Kingdom where he is undergoing some medical tests. He requested for a 10-day leave and was supposed to end on February 6.

Before leaving for the UK, Buhari transferred power to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who is now acting as president.

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When it was time for the president to return, he wrote to the Senate, requesting for an indefinite extension of his leave. His reason was that he was advised by his doctor that he should wait to get his test results. This further fueled speculation that all is not well with him.

The presidency has continued to assure Nigerians that Buhari is hale and hearty and would return soon.

Amid rumours and speculation over Buhari’s health, several top chieftains of the All Progressive Congress (APC) have paid him a visit in UK to assure Nigerians that the president is well.

1. Governor Ibikunle Amosun

Amosun pays Buhari a visit in the UK

Amosun visits Buhari in UK

The Ogun state governor paid a visit to Buhari on Friday, January 27. He was accompanied by Daisy Danjuma, a former senator, and one other individual. The visit came after rumours surfaced that the president had died. When photos of the visit surfaced online, some Nigerians claimed it was an old image edited to make it look recent.

Amosun confirmed his visit to Buhari saying: “Yes it is true I visited our president in London and he is doing fine. If you ask me pointedly whether I saw him or not, yes I did and that is the only thing that I can say. And of course you can see he is very well, he is okay. So I don’t know what else you want me to say.”

2. Aisha Buhari

People who have visited Buhari in London

Aisha Buhari with her husband in the United Kingdom

To prove critics wrong, Aisha was spotted in London with her husband. In the series of picture evidences released to quell rumours of the president’s alleged death, another one was released on Sunday, January 29. The president was pictured smiling as he posed beside his wife. Some still claimed the picture was fake.

When she returned from her trip she said: “I want to use this opportunity to thank all Nigerians for the goodwill and support for my husband and Nigeria in general.”

3. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

People who have visited Buhari in London

Buhari with Tinubu and Akande in London

As Nigerians continued to doubt reports that Buhari was hale and hearty, the national leader of the APC, Tinubu, paid a courtesy visit to the president in London on Thursday, February 9. He was accompanied by another chieftain of the party, Bisi Akande.

Trust Nigerians to once again express their doubt. They took to social media asking why the president was wearing the same dress in all the photos, claiming once again that it was photoshopped.

Speaking about his trip, Tinubu said only those who are out of their minds, can doubt his visit to Buhari in London. “Speaking about his trip, Tinubu said only those who are out of their minds, can doubt his visit to Buhari in London. “These pictures were international headlines. How can anybody in his or her right senses be saying there was no such visit? It’s simply crazy!”he queried.

4. Bukula Saraki and Yakubu Dogara

People who have visited Buhari in London

Saraki and Dogara joined the list of those who have visited the president in London

Senate president Saraki and speaker of the House of Representatives Dogara visited Buhari in London on Wednesday, February 15. Yusuf Lasun who is the deputy speaker of the House is also expected to join the group visiting the president today.

After the visit, Saraki wrote: “We were delighted to see that President Buhari is doing well, was cheerful and in good spirits. The president I saw today is healthy, witty and himself.”

As Nigerians continue to patiently wait for Buhari to return, youths under the auspices of ‘I Stand for Buhari’ in Kano yesterday, February 15, held a prayer session for the quick and full recovery of the president.

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