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BREAKING: See What Pro-Jonathan Group Vows To Do To All Fulani Herdsmen In Niger Delta As Fulani Herdsmen Continues Killing Spree


GoodluckNigeria, a group reportedly sympathetic to Goodluck Jonathan, says it is supporting the alleged plan by the former president and his wife, Dame Patience, to clear the Niger Delta of Fulani herdsmen.

Fulani herdsmen have reportedly become more of a menace in most part of the country as they attack communities, killing and maiming residents and indigenes as well as attacking homes.

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State governments have been making efforts to rid their territories of attacks by the herdsmen. In some cases, indigenes of communities have had to protest the activities of the herdsmen in their areas.

In a statement signed by Joseph Spiff Wilcox, the president of the GoodluckNigeria in Port Harcourt, Rivers state on Monday, February 20, the organisation urged Ijaw indigenes to support the chasing of Fulani herdsmen away from the region.

“Very soon, we will lead a massive protest across Niger Delta to sensitize our people on the need to resist the movement of all herdsmen in Ijaw land.

“What happened in Agatu must not be allowed to happen in any Niger Delta community. The senseless killing of 75 people in Delta State by Fulani herdsmen must not go unpunished. That’s why we support the move by the former President and his wife to protect our land.

“We align with the thinking of our leader, former President Jonathan and the former first lady to ensure that every part of our region is ridden of all traces of these archaic people whose stock in trade is the killing of our people from the south.

“We also call on all our people to key into this new movement of making sure that Fulani people and their cows do not continue to plunder our land, while we fold our hands and watch helplessly,” the group said adding that it would use everything within its reach to ensure that the herdsmen are sent back to the northern part of the country.

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