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BREAKING: See The UNTHINKABLE Thing Man Did To Almajiris In Maidugiri Borno State.


Children roaming the streets in certain parts of Nigeria, mainly the northern part, are commonly referred to as Almajiri.

The word Almajiri derives from the Arabic word Al-Mahaajirun, which literally means a learned scholar who propagates the peaceful message of Islam.

The Almajiri children are usually little boys between the ages of four and 15. They are supposed to be learning under the watch and supervision of some Quranic teachers or Mallams. Instead they are on the streets where they beg to survive.

The society treats them in different ways. They are exploited by some and treated with contempt. Others give them alms and feed them whenever they can.

A Nigerian decided to go the extra mile by bathing some Almajiri children. He was said to have gathered some of them and given them free bath.

A man identified as Abdullahi Yusuf shared the photo below with the caption: “I saw this at a car wash here in Maiduguri, and even though it may look somehow, but I encourage the guy to continue. He gather Almajiris who are so dirty and give them a free bath. I gave him money for soap so that he can continue rendering his free birth service to these children who has no one to give them a clean bath which is essential to their health.”

Man baths dirty Almajiris in Maiduguri (Photos)

This happened at Dambua road car wash near Mohammed indimi house in Borno state

This was said to ahve taken place on Thursday at about 1.15pm in a car wash near Indimi Mosque off Damboa Road Maiduguri.

Man baths dirty Almajiris in Maiduguri (Photos)

Many have been commending the good Samaritan for his action.

Man baths dirty Almajiris in Maiduguri (Photos)
Man baths dirty Almajiris in Maiduguri (Photos)

Nice one!


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