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BREAKING: See One Powerfull Prophecy Of T.B Joshua That Has Come To Pass


A video has surfaced on YouTube about how prophet T.B. Joshua, founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), claimed he prophesied the terror attack that took place near the United Kingdom Parliament Building at Westminster, London.

How TB Joshua predicted London terrorist attack (video)

The prophet reportedly gave a televised prophetic message at the SCOAN, regarding an attack on Sunday, June 19, 2016, calling on members of the congregation to pray for the nation, the United Kingdom.

He said: “We were all here when i said pray for the United Kingdom. I am seeing a strange thing happen to an innocent person. It is not yet over.

How TB Joshua predicted London terrorist attack (video)

How TB Joshua predicted London terrorist attack (video)

They should pray and secure their lawmakers and their institutions.”

Watch full video of the prediction below:

 recall that terror returned to the streets of London on Wednesday, March 22, as the UK parliament was attacked, leaving no fewer than five dead and about 40 injured.

People ran for their lives as the assailant dressed in black and armed with two long knives drove his car through a crowd of people on Westminster Bridge before repeatedly stabbing a male police officer to death.

The country is still in shock over the incident and a moment of silence has been observed for the victims of the attack.

This is not the first time the founder of SCOAN would claim he prophesied about a terror attack. T.B Joshua seems to have gained a reputation for ‘predicting’ disasters.

T.B. Joshua’s broadcasting network Emmanuel TV released a video where he claimed he prophesied the terror attack that took place in n the southern French city of Nice, France.

He said: “Since morning, God keeps saying we should pray and fast on Thursday to avert any attack in any nation. On Thursday, this coming Thursday, pray and fast.”

I said which nation? I can’t say which nation the attack they are talking about. But every nation just pray on Thursday an attack on any nation should be averted.”


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