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BREAKING: See 4 Things Will Happen In Nigeria If Buhari Fails To Return Soon!


With so many chaos caused by the extension of the president’s leave, Nigeria may suffer the more from the events that may follow.

Not knowing the health status of the president is driving lots of Nigerians nuts as there are no concrete information about him and the things that may happen in the next few days. The uncertainty felt by many Nigerians started when the president left the country prior to the time stated in his official notice of leave.

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Things escalated to a rotten state when the rumor of his death spread like wild fire with many debunking the news and praying for the president’ well-being and safety. The indefinite extension is leaving Nigerians in a lot of doubts even though there are possible reasons why he may not return any time soon.

The peaceful protest launched by the talented songwriter and singer, Tu face Idibia, allowed many people express their apprehension even though the brain behind the protest pulled out at the last minute due to some undisclosed reasons.

Nigerians are frustrated and sad that the much promised ‘change’ is yet to come; the absence of the president is not helping matters too as his media team has failed to allay the fears of millions of Nigerians who want to know what is really going on with the head of the nation.

In view of these, there are some things that may happen to Nigerians as a result of the absence of the president.

Find below some of the things that may happen to Nigerians in the next couple of weeks if the president does not return:

1. Nigerian’s agitation will worsen

File photo of Nigerians at a peaceful protest.

The supposed short vacation of the president that was meant to last for 10 days has become a prolonged affair that is killing thousands of Nigerians with anxiety.

It is shady to think that the president has extended his leave even though many Nigerians are eager to see him in order to quell their doubts and the death rumor surrounding his leave.

While it is important for the president to do the needful concerning his health, it is more important for Nigerians to be aware of the true situation of things rather than being allowed to dwell in the mysteries surrounding the whole issue.

2. Request for a new leader

Angry youths at a demonstration.

President Buhari was meant to resume on February 6, 2017 initially, some things have been predicted to happen in case he does not turn up.

The news of his leave extension has circulated ever since his special adviser on media and publicity disseminated the information. Thousands of Nigerians are infuriated with this outcome of event as they feel the president should be around to oversee the affairs of the nation.

While Vice President Osinbajo is manning the position of the presidency at the moment, Nigerians may push for a new leader to take over. The president’s age has always been a major point of concern to thousands of Nigerians.

3. Declare the president dead or missing

File photo of President Buhari.

Nigerian youths seem to have lost their chill pills at the moment; many of them did not see the need for the president to be away from the country in the first place.

To think that his arrival has no real date set to it may cause them to react and do their worse. A few guys spoken to in the street already insinuated that they would declare the president dead or missing if they do not see him in soon.

This kind of news does the nation no good as it will disrupt the peace of the society and interfere with the ruling of the government.

4. Those who believe in ‘change’ will be disappointed

File photo of a frustrated black man.

President Buhari’s administration and the popular slogan ‘change’ are entwined. People have come to believe in this word even though things look foggy.

Again, many people will feel the political party in power has played them by painting a future they have not seen themselves.

In a situation like this, clueless Nigerians will be willing to vote out the ruling party and give chance to another person or party so far power changes hand.

While this may be classified as fallacy of hasty generalization, the wrong person may be voted in and the vicious cycle begins again.

What then is the future?

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