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BREAKING: Northern Leaders In Trouble For Doing This To Buhari

buhari-thinkingPresident Buhari

Abdulmumin Jibrin, a staunch supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari, has attacked northern political elites who he accused of working only for their own interests rather than for the development of the region.

Lawmaker Jibrin attacks northern leaders over attacks on President Buhari

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Jibrin says the northern elites are running down the region to achieve their own interests

In series of tweets late on Sunday, March 19, Jibrin said the northern elites are behind Nigeria’s problems because they are always doing just what they would gain from.

He said: “When the northern elites come with hush voices talking about Northern interest, chase them away! The concept of northern interest is a myth.

“The reality is NORTHERN ELITES INTEREST, who fought and brought down every northern president then turn around to preach northern interest?

“When they lose power, they unite in the name of northern interest. But they have ruled for ages and the north remains the poorest! Shame!

“Shouldn’t we now ask our northern elites what they mean when they say northern interest? Who is fooling who? The interest is in their pockets!

“Just look at what is happening in this govt, is it not mostly the northern elites fighting themselves? Wetin concern the northern masses?

“All of these because of obsession for power which we have repeatedly failed to use in helping the so called northern region and its people!

“I thank this country for the accelerated opportunity and exposure I got inboth our politics and economy at a young age.I WILL NOT KEEP QUIET

“The problem of Nig is neither resources (human and material) nor our diversity but ELITES and BAD LEADERS that breed chuck of our problems!”

Jibrin’s words come just as Presidency on Sunday expressed dissatisfaction at the way political elites are attacking the policies and programmes of President Buhari in spite of their positive impacts on the life of the ordinary Nigerians.

Presidential spokesman Garba Shehu said: “Because the elite don’t care for ordinary people, they are saying that government is doing nothing but we are doing a lot for ordinary people.

“They don’t want us to talk about the 14 solar power projects that have been licensed to boost electricity supply in the country; the Mambila power project which will soon leave the drawing boards and the many Chinese projects including the standard gauge railway.

“This country has more important things to talk about instead of dwelling on trivialities.”

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