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BREAKING: NASA Reveals list of plants that are the best air cleansers, It Must Be In Every Home To AVOID THESE…


It’s not a secret for anyone that the air we breathe causes certain effect on our health. For the last few decades we started to to use lots of synthetic chemical means in our everyday life: deodorants, washing means, washing powders, paints, polishes, gels, petrol, ethanol, acetone and any other means. They pollute air in our homes and poison us even when we sleep. In result, we complain about tiredness, drowsiness, headache, mucous membrane irritation, breaking-outs and allergy.


website maintenance and social media management

But it turned out that we underestimate greatly the role of houseplants in the air cleansing. The research of NASA found out that some plants not only moisturize air but also effectively remove benzol, formaldehyde, trichlorethylene, xylol and ammonia! Despite the fact that Doctor Bill Wolverton headed the research in 1989, today his results are the most precise and useful.

These plants are the real champions in removing various toxins from the air.


So, as the part of the study, it turned out that the best plants for cleaning air are chrysanthemum and peace lily. It should be noted that the effectiveness of the plants’ abilities in removing pollution from air increases in you add activated coal to their ground.

NASA also recommends to have at least one plant per each 10 square meters. So, you should surround yourself with flowers, because green plants also cause positive effect on your nervous system!

website maintenance and social media management


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