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BREAKING: London Sources Reveals When President Buhari Is Planning To Come Home, Discloses What He Was Seen Doing In London


– President Muhammadu Buhari attended prayers in London Mosque

– This is according to unnamed sources in London

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– One of the sources also said the president is not coming home soon

A report by The Guardian has quoted unnamed sources in London saying President Muhammadu Buhari is not coming home soon.

One of the sources said on Wednesday, February 22, “The man is alive, but not okay. He is very ill. He is probably not going home soon.”

The source also said though the president is very ill, he attended prayers in a Mosque in London.

For Buhari to have attended the mosque indicates that he is not dead, and that though he may be sick, he is getting well.

When told by The Guardian reporter he was just hoping the president was fit and coming home soon as Nigerians had been repeatedly told, one of the sources noted: “he comes out in the evenings, but is very ill.”

Asked if by “outside” he meant the front of the house, the source indicated that he meant the back of the house.

Another source then disclosed: “he went for prayers on Friday. I saw about four cars” leaving Abuja House.“Maybe that was him,” the source added.

One of the president’s men came towards the gate around 5:07 p.m., beckoning to the reporter to “come.” He then asked: “Are you interested in your president dying?”

When the reporter said “no” and that “that is why we are here” to seek the truth, he then said:

” If you want your president dead, you will be disappointed. The president is hale and hearty. He will be returning soon.”

He then rained abuse on The Guardian’s reporter before walking back inside.

President Buhari has been in London since January 19. The presidency had first announced that he was there for a 10-day leave. But he has since extended the leave on medical grounds.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has dismissed some rumours that it is contemplating using the ‘doctrine of necessity’ to remove President Buhari from office.

The position of the green chamber was made known by its spokesman, Honourable Abdulrazaq Namdas on Wednesday, February 22.

In a related development, Prophet TB Joshua has urged Nigerians to rise up in prayer for President Buhari, praying specifically for “strength where there is weakness”.

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