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BREAKING: Buhari Aid Resigns, You Will Be Shocked By His Reason Why He Can Not Continue

buhari-thinkingPresident Buhari

– Nathaniel Adojutelegan has resigned his position at the ministry of state for Niger Delta affairs

– He claimed he was not paid for a year that he worked there

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Nathaniel Adojutelegan who is the special assistant to the minister of state for Niger Delta affairs, Prof. Claudius Daramola, has tendered his resignation over unpaid salary.

According to Sahara Reporters, Adojutelegan tendered his resignation in December 2016 in a cover letter which was acknowledged by the state minister in March, 2017.

He explained in the letter that he has worked for a year but was not duly remunerated which was why he tendered his resignation.

Adojutelegan resigns over unpaid salary

The resignation letter

“I appreciate the rare opportunity you offered me to serve our country notwithstanding the personal sacrifice I had to make to work for you without any form of remuneration in the last one year.”

He said when the minister was appointed in December 2015, he joined the ministry but for a year, he was not paid any salary.

He said: “I didn’t receive any remuneration, and I worked for a year without receiving any allowances and salary although I wasn’t complaining about that.

“I want the whole world to know that I made a lot of sacrifices and the resignation is for the record that I didn’t receive any allowance or payment.

Adojutelegan resigns over unpaid salary

Prof. Claudius Daramola

“It was a sacrifice for me to leave my law practice in London and come down to Nigeria and got an accommodation for about four million naira without being given a refund.

“It was a sacrifice for me to stay in a hotel for two months and spent about over a million naira without being paid for it.”

Meanwhile, a notorious militants group, the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate, issued a serious warning to acting president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo to stop acting as if only Ijaws were in the Niger Delta region.

Osinbajo has been touring the region and meeting with stakeholders as a way of fostering peace and developing the region and this has stopped bombing of oil and gas pipelines perpetrated by militants.

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