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Boko Haram Invades Borno Again, Destroys An Entire Village

Boko Haram

Boko Haram terrorists have invaded Korongilim village near Chibok local government area of Borno state and razed the village to the ground.

According to reports, the terrorists arrived the village around 8pm and met a deserted village after villagers were alerted to their presence by a rogue gun fire. 

The terrorists who were said to be on their way to the village was stuck in the mud and in efforts to pull out the vehicle, there was an accidental discharge by one of the insurgents.

This consequently alerted the villagers and saved them from untimely deaths. While speaking on the incident, Barrister Lawan Abana, a resident of Maiduguri, narrated that: “By the time terrorists eventually came to attack, nobody was around and they burnt the whole village.

Soldiers arrived, but by then the terrorists wreaked havoc and left. “All the villagers dispersed and displaced with their houses burnt needs urgent help particularly in this rainy season. Thank God, no death was reported,” he added. 



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