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Ben Bruce reveals the real reason why Goodluck Jonathan was a successful president – Ben Bruce

Ben Bruceben-bruce

Senator Ben Murray Bruce has said that Goodluck Jonathan was successful during his presidential administration because he didn’t blame his predecessor.

The President Muhammadu Buhari administration has blamed previous administration for the current economic woes especially the alleged massive corruption of the Jonathan administration.

However, Senator Ben Bruce via his social media page said Jonathan praised his predecessors instead of blaming them which was what made him successful.

Bruce wrote: “Do you know why we were progressing under Jonathan? Because he took responsibility and never blamed anyone for the challenges he met. Go ahead, ask yourself when Goodluck Jonathan ever blamed his predecessors. Instead of blaming them, he praised them. You can’t go forward on reverse gear!”

The senator’s post elicited different reactions as while some people agreed that the present administration must stop the blame game, others insisted that Jonathan’s administration was the architect of the present economic situation.



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