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Adult stuff…


So, a naughty girlfriend of mine (I am saddled with enough of them!) sent me a video with this caption in pidgin English: “This type of ‘heaven’ don hungry person die”.

My interest was piqued on watching the video. I sought to know more about the video and she explained that the video is said to be a sex video of the daughter of a president of an African country…and the rest is the handiwork of her blackmailer, her partner in that video, who released the video when he didn’t get the $50,000 payoff that he demanded from her.

website maintenance and social media management

I tried to read more on the saga and Google took me round some blogs in the continent. After reading most of the comments in one particular blog, I said to myself…”when will blackmailers learn!”

This is an age when some ‘taboos’ are rather celebrated. That which you seek to sink another with may just throw him/her into the limelight. How about that for all your efforts? Not a single comment in that blog condemned the lady (who is said to be a married woman by the way)…probably to a blackmailer’s disappointment!

Most of the comments were adulating her exciting biological physical features; a few others grudgingly admitted that the size of the ‘tool’ of her pleasure and its owner’s expertise are impressive.

Probably explains this comment… “There’s something ‘horny inducing’ about that video.” Still most of the comments heaped condemnation on the originator of that video and impressively…all that poured in from young men. Such reaction to that video should serve as a huge “tongue-out” to blackmailers in this age.

The only people who will probably milk the scandal for all its worth are those who want to see her back or interested in her father’s job. Otherwise, most interests in such videos are for other purposes…way beyond your shaming intentions.

Thanks to your efforts…some people probably became ‘wet (just like that!), others learned a thing or two on ‘pleasure methodology’ and the appropriate ‘Latin’ to speak when in cloud nine.

My point?
If you try too hard…you simply make your victim an overnight celebrity! It’s just like the “cucumber” incident that happened not long ago…the blackmailer’s efforts probably ended up teaching some human beings that when dildo is not affordable (especially in this Baba’s economy!)…cucumber-size of their choice will do.

It’s just sad that what is meant to give two people involved a “feel good” experience will end up in the public arena in a ridiculous way. And this is where I have a problem with the reaction of most victims of such settings.

The claims of a Photoshop (or is it “video shop” in this case?) further insults people’s sensibility…especially when the truth is glaring. Simply learn to own up to your sh*t with sincere apologies.

Apologise not because you are worse than those (many of whom are doing worse stuffs behind closed doors) condemning you, but because, when what should be a private affair ends up in the public domain…you eat the humble pie!

Also, most disturbing is the marital status of the lady. Much as a lot of water has passed under the bridge of most marriages, I still advise people to keep their marital considerations close to the chest.

There is everything wrong with a marriage in which one begins to shop for pleasure out there when the spouse is there. This is why people get into wrong hands out there.

website maintenance and social media management


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