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8 Nigerian ‘traditions’ the rest of the world will never understand


Many foreigners do not understand why Nigerians do some of the things that they do. Why do they call people they are not related to uncle and aunty? Why does their food look weird?

They just can’t understand Nigerians.

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Below are some things Nigerians do that the rest of the world will never get.

1. How they interact with elderly people

Nigerians are raised to be very respectful and formal with their elders. That is why always add ma and sir when greeting or talking to their elders.

2. They are never orderly

Trust Nigerians to always jump queues. They will beat traffic light as long as they won’t be caught.

3. Why do they like spicy food?

Most foreigners can’t understand why Nigerians add so much pepper to food and as they eat, their nose is dripping but they don’t care.

4. The greeting method

Some foreigners find the way Nigerians greet their elders bizarre. They just can’t understand why someone has to kneel down or prostrate to greet their elders. Oh well, it’s our culture and that’s how we roll.

5. Their funny English

Though English is Nigeria’s official language, many Nigerians are good at murdering it. They pronounce a word and you have to figure what exactly the person is trying to say.

6. Suffering and smiling

Nigerians are very good at adapting and smiling their way through any hardships. The rest of the world cannot understand how Nigerians do it.

7. The food

Most foreigners cannot understand why Nigerians eat so much and the food combination.

8. They cook with red oil (palm oil)


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