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7 photos of Shehu Shagari’s grandson looking fiiiiiine


Shehu Shagari served as the second President of Nigeria in the second republic (1979 – 1983), after the handover of power by General Olusegun Obasanjo’s military government.

Usman Shagari is one of his grandsons and the young man is very good looking. He is popular on Instagram, a graduate of Regent’s University London in the UK and has a fitness page where he posts his workouts.

website maintenance and social media management has compiled seven photos of him that will make you drool and even consider leaving your man for the cutie pie:

1. Casual selfie

His face cap in on backwards and he is wearing a black hoodie.

2. Far from being camera shy

He is wearing a deep blue Ralph Lauren polo and looking very fine.

3. Daytime selfie

With his signature cap put on backwards and a simple white t-shirt.

4. When you did not prepare for the photo but still slay

Here is dressed casually and he has his signature smile on his face.

5. The footballer look

He is wearing a yellow t shirt that is showing off his biceps and fit body.

6. Caught unawares

This was him during his sister’s wedding this year.

7. Looking very handsome

Here he looks relaxed and it seems all his angles are his best and the camera never lies.

website maintenance and social media management


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