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6 Ways To Avoid Vulvovaginitis – A Vaginal Infection 75% Of Nigerian Women Experience


Vulvovaginitis is said to be one of the most encountered vaginal infections by medical practitioners.

Some of the symptoms include the irritation of the private part are, foul odour that’s typically quite strong, increased vaginal discharge discomfort when urinating etc.

website maintenance and social media management

Vanguard caught up with a gynecologist who shared these tips for avoiding the infection.

1. After using the bathroom, wipe from front to back to avoid spreading bacteria from anus to the v**ina.

2. Avoid heavily perfumed soap or shower gels as it sometimes can irritate the private part areas

3. Don’t overuse antibiotics.

4. Also ensure there is no underlying medical condition such as diabetes

5. Use cotton pants rather than nylon pants so as to prevent the infection

6. If you are treating the infections , removing underwear at bed time

website maintenance and social media management


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