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6 photos that show the romantic side of Jagaban, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu


When the name Bola Ahmed Tinubu is mentioned, one immediately thinks of the political exploits of this Former Senator, Governor and current National Leader of the All Progressives Congress.

While his political career naturally comes to mind, one must not forget that the Jagaban of Borgu is also a very romantic man.

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So much so that President Buhari was alleged to have said: “Jagaban is an old man who has proven himself to be more lively and romantic than so many young people out there. He loves keeping his madam by his side during special occasions, he does not care what people will say, whenever he feels like kissing, he will do it without looking at anybody’s face.”

Since they said pictures speak louder than words, here are six photos that show Asiwaju’s romantic side:

1. He and his wife Senator Remi Tinubu at their traditional wedding 

2. Small kids, close your eyes!

3. When he and Remi showed the whole world their love at his 60th birthday

4. See the look on that guy’s face *inserts cover face emoji*

5. Dont look at the kiss, check out Senator Remi’s jewelry

6. Awww this is just too cute. that is his late mum by the way Alhaja Abibatu Mogaji


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