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6 AUTHENTIC reasons why the Senate will NEVER confirm Magu’s nomination


The Nigerian Senate on Thursday, December 15 refused to confirm Ibrahim Magu as chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Ibrahim Magu may never be confirmed as the EFCC chairman

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After spending over an hour behind closed doors discussing Magu’s confirmation, which turned rowdy at some point according to media reports, the Senate said his nomination could not be confirmed because of security report from obtained from the Department of State Security (DSS).

“The nomination of Ibrahim Magu is hereby rejected and has been returned to the resident for further action,” Senate’s spokesperson Aliyu Abdullahi told journalists.

Some political watchers are not surprised by the turn of events. Many say Magu has too many battles and cannot ever scale the hurdle placed before him by the upper chamber. lists 6 reasons why Magu may never be confirmed by the red chamber

1. Former governors in the Senate

There are over a dozen former governors in the Senate currently. Almost all of them are standing trial or being investigated by the EFCC. This is more than enough to make Magu an enemy of this powerful group.

As former political leaders in their respective states, some of them also have their lackeys in the Senate who align themselves with whatever decision their political benefactors take in the upper chamber.

There are over a dozen governors in the Nigerian Senate

2. Lobbying

Lobbying is a key part of legislative duties in advanced democracies, but in Nigeria most times, lobbying comes with money exchanging hands.

As the leader of Nigeria’s leading anti-graft body, Magu hands are tied, as he cannot be seen to play ball with some senators who only takes decisions after their palms have been greased by political appointees who expect a smooth sail at the red chamber.

3. The Saraki factor

The year 2016 has been a turbulent year for Nigeria’s Senate president, Bukola Saraki. But the scion of the Saraki political dynasty has managed to keep those after him at bay.

Saraki has fought back with his foot soldiers in the Senate, first of all by clipping the wings of the Code of Conduct Bureau which accused him of falsifying his declaration of assets while serving as the governor of Kwara state and now the siege on Magu’s EFCC after his wife, Toyin, was a guest of the commission.

Mrs Toyin Saraki was questioned by the EFCC earlier this year

4. Over-zealousness of Magu and his team

Although an exceptional police officer and lawyer, Magu has carried on in his duties like he has no control.

Typical of political appointees who are eager to impress the president even at the expense of laid down rules; Magu has burnt his fingers while trying to carry out his duties even when they clearly have no constitutional backing. Arbitrary arrests, political witch-hunt and military-styled enforcements have been the order of the day under Magu.

The EFCC has carried on like it has no control

5. The PDP factor

Being the main opposition party in Nigeria, it is only natural that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will do everything within its power to stall the government of the day, go give the impression that the incumbent administration is bereft of ideas and has not put its house in order.

It is even more pertinent to note, that the opposition senators form the bedrock of the Senate president’s supporters, which makes it easier for them to enforce have their way when it comes to debates in the upper chambers.

PDP senators are weighing in on the situation to score a political point

6. The powerful cabal in the presidency

Despite repeated half-hearted denials, there is no gainsaying that there is powerful cabal in Nigeria’s seat of power whose interests are jealously protected no matter whose ox is gored.

Media reports in the last few months indicates that, in his bid to carry out his duties, Magu has had confrontations with powerful elements in the presidency, who have vowed to frustrated his ambition to stay on us Nigeria’s number one anti-corruption czar.

President Buhari is surrounded by men with powerful interests

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