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5 Usual Mistakes Men Make In Bed, Most Nigeria Men Are Guilty Of No.2


During sex, knowing or unknowingly, men make mistakes. Like the previous sentence, they might be making these mistakes totally ignorant of it while others don’t care. But there is one thing that is fundamental of all of these things, it is simply that the woman is the one left to bear the brunt.

Ladies prefer to make the guy feel like a man, encourage his actions in bed.

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1. Soiling the mood

Here it is, so as men, we can ruin the mood of what’s going on in the name of trying to make it better. As a guy, if there is something to be done to make sex better, as a guy, we will do it, then later realize that it’s a bad idea.

So, if you know your freak flag isn’t like the usual contemporary one, then wait a while to know she is comfortable with it before going for it.

2. Leaving out foreplay

In 2017, some men still don’t want to go through foreplay before sex. Unless, it is a quickie or the lady wants to skip it then you should definitely have it. It takes the woman longer time than men to get properly aroused than men which is why the foreplay is essential.

Ideally, it would take a man five minutes to get to orgasm, for a lady it is four times longer, it takes her 20 minutes.

3. Being silent

During sex, some men like to be quiet during sex, trying to be macho, this can be a bad sign for a woman. Moaning is one way of feedback for her to know you’re enjoying it. Give her that much so she is encouraged to do more.

4. Not being attentive

During sex, some ladies are bold enough to tell their partners what they want. As a man, it is your duty to listen to those hints and apply them into making the sex better.

5. Not communicating

During sex, asides from being too silent, that you are not able to even moan, there is also the possibility that you’re not conversing with her. Giving her hints on what you’d appreciate so she can also satisfy you and make the experience all the better for everyone.

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