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4 Quick Ways To Identify Terrorists And Suicide Bombers And What You Are Supposed To Do Next


Being security conscious can mean the difference between life and death on many occasions. The ability to spot a threat and take action quickly has saved many lives.

One of the favorite methods of attack used by terrorists in Nigeria these days is bombing, either by using people ready to give their lives or using car bombs.

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How can you identify such threats and take the right action to save your life and that of people around you?

Below are some vital tips:

1. A young man or woman sweating profusely, looking around furtively, carrying a rucksack or wearing bulky clothing might be a terrorist, put as much distance as you can between yourself and the person and warn others.

2. A vehicle driving too fast and too close to people or buildings which seems to carry more weight in the booth than normal.

3. Someone with an unusual or chemical smell could indicate hidden explosives. You should also watch out for exposed wires on a human or car.

4. A vehicle whose airbag and radio has been removed is also a suspect. Look out for strange wire connections in the dashboard of such vehicles.

You should discreetly inform security operatives of the presence of such vehicles and warn others, while maintaining a huge distance.

Identifying marks of some terrorists and bombers Source: Facebook, Armed Forces Radio 107.7

Important information on some IEDs terrorists use Source: Facebook, Armed Forces Radio 107.7

website maintenance and social media management


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