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2019 ELECTIONS: APC Chieftain Reveals One Unbelievable Thing About Buhari And 2019 Elections


– A chieftain of All Progressive Congress, Chief Emmanuel Offodile says Nigerians will beg Buhari to recontest in 2019

– He said Buhari is building legacies for the generation to come

– He noted that Buhari’s anti-corruption war is in full swing

A chieftain of All Progressive Congress, Chief Emmanuel Offodile has declared that Nigerians would beg President Muhammadu Buhari to recontest in 2019 based on his achievements.

In an interview with The Sun, Offodile said that President Buhari’s administration is on course by ensuring it builds enduring legacies for the generation to come, adding that the government is trying to right the wrongs of the past governments.

He said: “The President Muhammadu Buhari administration is on course. They don’t want to build castles in the air but ensuring enduring legacies. Nigerians want loopholes to exploit and maneuver their ways to shortcuts that will lead to easy wealth.

“That is what the government is addressing. Whoever wants to go to heaven must first die. Before we get it right, we must first be discomforted. Nigerians are used to short cuts but they must learn to be patient with the government to fix the economy.

“There is process to everything. To get hot water, you heat the water gradually until it gets to 100 percent.

“It is also true that government underestimated the problem of Nigeria. You have seen how people in their numbers hid millions in their closets. How on earth could people pack so much of our commonwealth? Is there any country even in Africa where someone would steal millions, in hard currencies in the manner it is done here?

“Such looters are supposed to face firing squad. The anti-corruption war of this administration is in full swing. Nobody can take that away from Buhari; he has taken the anti-corruption war to the limits and it is bearing evident results.

“There is no more hiding place for looters, as they are being exposed everywhere, whether in Nigeria or abroad. By the time Buhari is done at the end of his tenure, Nigerians will be begging him to come back.

APC chieftain, Chief Emmanuel Offodile

He, however stated that the timing for Biafra agitation is not ripe because ‘Nigeria of today is not Nigeria of yesterday’.

“The timing of this Biafra agitation is not ripe because Nigeria of today is not Nigeria of yesterday. This agitation can destabilise the country as a whole and what do we stand to gain? If you want to protest against anything, must you be unruly and violent and burning tyres on the road?

“Violence does not have to be with guns. Obstruction of roads to prevent people from moving about freely is violence; even wielding ordinary stick can be being armed. If Igbo have to start agitating, there are more civil and decent ways to go about it.

“The Igbo have prominent people that can speak and the world would listen but no dignified people can come out to support what is happening. Nnamdi Kanu is blaming people that are more knowledgeable than him.

“Many of the agitators don’t even know the full meaning of Biafra. You can’t have two governments in a country at the same time”, he said.


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