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2 big girls with huge hips turn on the music. How they move the hips and butts is gorgeous!


We love to watch curvy girls dancing, but how about the enormous ones? These two ladies of extra large size turn on the dancing music, take off their skirts and how they dance and move those huge hips is amazing!

website maintenance and social media management

Curves are nice, but some ladies take them to an extreme level. There are ladies ashamed of being overweight. They never dance or have fun. They feel being outcasts in the community, especially among the young people. Today’s fashion sets strict rules and standards of beauty. There is no way you can consider yourself pretty or worthy of attention if you have extra pounds.

However, there are other girls, who do not care! They scorn the fashion and those awful standards. They love to dance. They love music. So, they take awesome and funny videos, like this one here. What if no one asks them out to a dance party? No problem! They get their own fun and share it away with people!

What how these girls move. When they start shaking those huge hips… well, you better stop reading and start watching!

These two big girls love their own bodies and know they can impress people with their little dance. Enjoyable and fun!

website maintenance and social media management


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