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10 decently-dressed fashionable Nigerian women who didn’t have to go NAKED


Modesty is rare in this era of bare-it-all trend. The media has played a huge role in perpetuating the objectification of women and thus, women who find themselves slave to fashion trends go half naked or worse, completely nude in an attempt to be accepted to a flawed mentality that will echo “only sexy(half naked) women” are beautiful, if it had a voice.

One of the great things about fashion is its flexibility. There is room to accommodate anything and so it comes a surprise when fully clothed women are regarded unfashionable. There are women who being fully clothed, covered the front pages of magazines. As a matter of fact, one of the most beautiful women of all time, Marilyn Monroe posed for playboy in a long dress and till this day, the picture is being created all over the world.

website maintenance and social media management

Anyone can look like a million bucks in a decent outfit. Except it is required and there’s hardly a place where it is necessary to go half naked, rocking that maxi skirt or long-sleeved turtle neck is stylish.

Here are pictures of women who have shown modesty can be cool and beautiful.

1. Fashion diva

Model in skirt and top

Simply nice.

2. Fancy 


Pretty in the skirt.

3. Delicate Tulip

Model in high waist maxi skirt


4. Fashionista

Ankara prints

Just perfect.

5. Covered

Stylish ankara design

Less is more.

6. Purple delight

Highwaisted skirt and shirt

Paired with corporate shirt and looks completely gorgeous.

7. Rouge


Something about the colour red makes outfits stand out.

8. Diva


Green is such a rich colour. Even different shades still look good.

9. Stylish 

Black is beautiful

Simplicity is beautiful.

10. Prints


Maxi skirt in ankara prints can be paired with any top and it will stand out.

website maintenance and social media management


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